Work injuries can occur in any work setting, from postural-related neck and back pain in the office to strains and sprains with manual labour. Pain and loss of function due to an injury can be frustrating when it comes to work and may lead to a loss of productivity and income. At Warringah Physio we:

  • Aim to get you back to work as quickly and as safely as possible.

  • Keep your goals as the focus of treatment.

  • Provide active rehabilitation plans to ensure you can return to work ready to cope with the demands of your job.

Being located within the Cromer industrial area, we are ideally situated near local businesses, ready to provide physiotherapy services efficiently and effectively. Why not minimise disruption to work and maximise productivity? 

  • We are accredited to treat work-related injuries through workcover.

  • Injured workers with a valid WorkCover claim will pay no out-of-pocket expenses.