Sydney's only physiotherapy clinic dedicated to gymnastics

Manly Gymnastics Physiotherapy

Warringah Physiotherapy started life as Manly Gymnastics Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in 2014, Sydney's only physiotherapy clinic dedicated to treating gymnasts.

Over the last few years we have seen many gymnasts of all ages and levels walk through our doors seeking help to reach their peak performance.

Knowledge of the sport

The unique skills and heavy training load in gymnastics means there are a number of injuries that are specific to the sport. The experience our physiotherapists have had in treating gymnasts means they are in a great position to assist gymnasts recover from injury and stay fit.


Team work

It is important that a team approach is taken when dealing with injury in a sport such as gymnastics. Our physiotherapists will work with the athlete, coach, parent and other medical professionals to enable the best outcomes and  a fast, safe return to training and competition.

Injury prevention

With the high loads that gymnastics places on the bodies of young athletes, injury prevention strategies are vital for gymnasts. We place a strong emphasis on injury prevention and see it as a vital part of injury management. All bodies are different and each will require a specific approach to injury prevention. Our physios are experts in designing injury prevention programs built for gymnasts to complement their training.


Some people are stiff and tight and need stretches and mobility exercises to improve their flexibility, others are too mobile and need strength and stability exercises to control their joints. Our unique gymnastics screening protocol is designed specifically for gymnasts to pick up any of these deficiencies and direct an injury prevention program.